In those days when we lived in the first days of 2020, when we look at the previous 10 years, the concept of Industry 4.0 was not even present. This even reveals how important 10 years has been in the manufacturing industry. So how will production change in 2020 and the next 10 years, what will be the determining factors, let’s look at it together.

1-Industrial Wearable Technology Not Too Far

From field service to installation, one of the most effective technologies of the next decade will be wearable technologies. It is no longer futuristic to follow the temperature of a panel with your glasses or to understand the defective equipment with a holo lens at a glance. For example, you have encountered a major malfunction in the field and want to send it to your supervisors immediately. If we say that it will be possible to record the video of the fault and send an e-mail with Google Glass, I think it will be enough to understand the change brought by this technology.

2-Business Models are Changing The B2B Is Leaving Its Place To B2BC

Many manufacturers that traditionally have a B2B business model are switching to a B2B2C (business-to-consumer) model due to the many benefits of selling directly to consumers. Okay but why?

Increased Profit: You can set your products for the consumer instead of wholesale prices.
Faster Time to Market: You no longer have to deal with B2B companies’ long purchase cycles or test and prototype processes. You can launch your product directly to the market.
Brand Control: You are the owner of your brand. It will not be used or misrepresented by third parties.
Price Control: You can get stronger in the market with your own competitive price.
Better Customer Data: Selling directly to customers, collecting better insights about them, collecting data that results in stronger relationships and increased sales. It does not seem possible to catch them in B2B sales.

3-Cyber Security Will Be One Of The Most Important Subjects

As smarter, more communicative products and production lines become widespread, the cyber deficits of these systems increase. The challenge is the lack of a ready-made industrial cyber security system. Cyber security is a process that progresses by gradually making it ready for use. Many people in a factory, from the production manager to the assembly operator are responsible for cyber security. Therefore, cyber security requires serious cooperation and awareness among employees. Today, automotive production (39.3 percent) and building automation systems (37.8 percent) rank first in terms of the ratio of industrial computers targeted by harmful objects.

4-Augmented Reality: The Easiest Way to New Productivity

Tell your 20-year-old trainee engineer to learn how the equipment works by dropping giant paper guides full of texts and see if they work for tomorrow. It probably won’t work. The current generation uses visual or video to learn something. The best example of this in factories is augmented reality. Today, augmented reality is used especially by industrial designers.
Üretim hatlarında arttırılmış gerçeklik
Augmented reality in production lines will play an important role in increasing productivity.
5-Modularization and Personalized Production Lines
While the system is getting more and more complex in factories, it is very important to create a modular system to better understand these complex systems and facilitate intervention. On the other hand, in an environment where value chains become so complex, modular systems offer us a more sustainable production. Another important trend is that the production lines can respond according to the customer’s request. The ability of a facility to take special orders also shows its direct competitiveness.
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Sonraki İçerikOPC-UA’nın Endüstri 4.0 İçin Önemi
1974 yılında kurulan KLEMSAN gerçekleştirdiği yatırımlar ile Türkiye'de 7 dünyada 12 ofis ve geniş bayi ağı ile global bir marka haline gelmiştir. Gerçekleştirdiği AR-GE ve üretim yatırımları ile ürün portföyünü ve üretim kapasitesini her geçen gün arttırmaktadır. Elektroteknik, Elektronik, Kablo Yönetimi ve Markalama ürünleri tasarım ve üretimini; Elektronik ürünler için yazılım, donanım, test aparat-makine özel yazılım tasarım ve üretimini; Proseslere özel, standart dışı makine tasarım ve üretimini kendi bünyesinde gerçekleştirerek uluslararası standart ve uygunluklar çerçevesinde üreten KLEMSAN; Ürünlerinin her koşulda ve her yerde müşterilerine aynı kalite de ulaşmasını sağlamaktadır.


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